Chapter # 9 Paragraph # 4 Study # 2
October 18, 2009
Lincolnton, NC

<568> Thesis: There is a reason that "the crowds" had a variety of wrong ideas about Jesus: the absence of repentance. Introduction: Last week I made the claim that man's plight is worse than his worst nightmares because Jesus had to spend a deliberate period of time in prayer to His Father before He even approached the idea of what His behavior meant to His disciples. This is in direct contrast with His "look unto heaven" before He began the process of multiplying loaves and fish to feed a massive crowd. It was, so to speak, "easier" to feed 5,000 adult men with more than enough to fill them than it was to get "The Twelve" to settle the greatest question that men will ever face in their lives on this planet. The reason is not hard: multiplying inanimate objects does not require the heart cooperation that getting people to finalize their answer to the question requires. It will be the focus of our study this morning to see how people dodge the obvious Truth so that we may be challenged to seek a God-given ability to refuse to be like them. The problem that we face has two parts: on the one hand, only Truth actually produces good but we live in a setting where the appearance is just the opposite, and on the other hand we are so committed to our own well being that we cannot be genuinely committed to the Truth-principle of "Love". Jesus both said and did what "Love" requires: He gave up His life for His enemies so that they would profit. But the crowds are not like that and our text reveals it.