Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 7 Study # 6
August 2, 2009
Lincolnton, NC

<546> Thesis: The ultimate issue of "faith" is its roots in "grace". Introduction: In our study last week, we looked into Luke's revelation of a major issue: why "faith" is often not the response that people give to the words of God. We saw that when people are settled into an attitude of entitlement, "faith" is pretty much impossible. The reason for this is not hard: "faith" has to be in "the God of all grace" and most folks simply reject "grace" out of hand. The reason for the rejection is not hard either: the only realm in which "grace" functions is the realm of "lack of merit" and most folks deal with that by either contradicting it, or wallowing in it. In either case, the rejection blocks "faith". This is no small matter. There is too much at stake for it to be ignored. All of our experience of the "Life" of God is tied to the issue of "faith" and where there is none, neither is there "Life". So, Luke deliberately spent a goodly portion of his effort in this chapter attempting to reveal both the outcome of faith and the hindrances to it. Our study this morning is going to focus upon a portion of Jesus' actions in the face of unbelief so that we might consider whether we need to enter more fully into our understanding of the God of all grace.