Chapter # 8 Paragraph # 7 Study # 3
July 12, 2009
Lincolnton, NC

<540> Thesis: Luke's blending of "daughter" stories is his attempt to present Jesus as the "believable" solution to Death. Introduction: In our attempts to give significance to the record of Luke in 8:40-56, we have focused upon what appears to be the "big" issue: faith. With that focus in mind, we looked into the transition verse between the Gadarene reaction to Jesus and the Galilean response to Him and saw that "faith" requires a no-objection embrace of Jesus' works and words. Then, keeping the same focus, we looked into the introductory description of the man named Jairus and found that the seven identifying traits were closely linked to the demons in the land of the Gadarenes. From this we concluded that "faith" requires a rejection of the attitude of entitlement that is pervasive among men but finds its greatest expression among those considered to be "powerful". Whether this analysis is legitimate, or not, the principles are. No one can "believe" in someone with whom they have "conflicts", nor one can anyone "believe" in someone whom they simply wish to "use" as a means to their ends. When we look at the record, it is not only "faith" that stands out. There are two other "stand out" points: the "problem" that calls for the "need" for and "use" of faith and the "content" that identifies the "object" of faith. In the "problem" area, "death" is front and center. In the "content" area, "Jesus" is front and center. In the "death" focus, the daughter of Jairus is very near physical death and the woman whom Jesus calls "daughter" is "leaking" her blood wherein her "life" exists according to Leviticus 17:11. However, when the "problem(s)" are presented by Luke, the presentation is complicated by his inclusion of the facts that the first "daughter" is "as of twelve years" and the second "daughter" has been "leaking" from a point twelve years past. There are two issues here: first, what is the significance of the "twelve" years?; and, second, why did Jesus let this "problem" go on so long?