Chapter # 7 Paragraph # 4 Study # 5
October 12, 2008
Lincolnton, N.C.

<474> Thesis: A most important issue for man's experience of life is what he does with the issues of "greatness". Introduction: Jesus is all about "Life". When He created, it was to share His Life with others. When He refused to immediately squash rebellion, His reasons had to do with this issue of sharing His Life. When He ultimately descended into His creation to absorb the consequences of Death into Himself on the behalf of His creatures, it was because of His "fixation" upon sharing His Life with others. The great summary phrase of all of the impact of His communication with that part of His creation called "man" is "eternal life". "This is the promise that He promised us: eternal life." According to biblical revelation even Death serves His purposes of Life. Jesus is all about "Life". Therefore, as we have studied Jesus' comments about John in Luke 7:24-29, we have seen Him making a rather big deal out of what the perception of the people was in regard to John. The reason is rather simple: it is only by "faith" in John's message that men enter into "Life". If Jesus is "into" Life, it stands to reason that He would attempt to make sure that men are not put off from Life by the matter of stumbling by John. Last week we considered some of the facts about John as a "more than a prophet" personality. That he was a prophet means two things: his message is believable; and his objective is valuable. That he was more than a prophet also means two things: none of his message is not believable; and his position as the forerunner of the Christ signals the onset of one of the two most important events of human history. This week we are going to look into Jesus somewhat cryptic remark regarding John's "greatness" and "leastness" to see what it means and why Jesus said it. It is interesting that Luke recorded this fact after this cryptic comment: "... when all the people...heard this...they acknowledged God's justice." This comment seems to imply that the people understood what Jesus was saying and agreed with it. So this morning we want to join them in understanding and agreement.