Chapter # 7 Paragraph # 3 Study # 3
August 31, 2008
Lincolnton, N.C.

<462> Thesis: To be able to "see" means to be clear on one fact: Jesus is Life. Introduction: For the last several weeks we have been looking at one of Luke's crucial theses: that "faith" in Jesus of Nazareth is the "pipeline" that carries the joy of God into the hearts of human beings. This is the reason for his record of the clear-eyed, unique, "faith" of the non-Jewish, Roman, centurion. Clearly Jesus was seeking for the kind of "faith" that enables men to participate in His Life. Just as clearly, His "Life" has no meaning apart from its root: joy. And also as clear as it can be is this fact: Joy has many destroyers for one reason; it has, in the hearts/minds of men, many roots. But, this is not true. Joy has one Root, one Pipeline, and one Reality. The reality of joy is true freedom from all fears; the pipeline of joy is true confidence that there is nothing to fear in the love of God; and the root of joy is the Person: Jesus. This morning we are going to take this thesis back into Luke's text so that we may see what is going on in Jesus' dealings with John.