Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 5 Study # 28
May 11, 2008
Lincolnton, N.C.

<434> Thesis: If the blind allow themselves to be led by the blind, everyone ends up trapped in a deep pit. Introduction: In Luke 6:39 Jesus appealed to the ultimate problem of mankind's rejection of the ethics of the Kingdom of God by means of a "parable" regarding "guidance" for the blind by the blind. As we come to this text this morning, we need to remember a key fact: Luke has significantly "edited" what Jesus said on that day. Since what Jesus had to say that day was already heightened in terms of its importance by the fact that it was His declaration of the nature of the Kingdom of God, it is important that we realize that Luke's "editing" has raised the bar even higher. In other words, if one is inclined in any sense to ignore anything that the Bible has to say, it ought not to be anything in this record. Perhaps the greatest problem for all of us is that we do not take the reality of our existence in God's reality seriously enough. Perhaps the reason for this is that the burden of having a part in a creation by a God of finality is too great for any of us to bear. The very idea that our present attitude, our present ignorance, our present actions, and our present presence in God's creation all have potent implications for the quality of our experience tomorrow and the next day and all of the days after that -- the very idea is too heavy to bear ... unless there is some way that they can be turned into tools to bring us good. This is the nature of our hope: God has declared Himself to be willing to work everything together for our good. But, this willingness is not without qualification. This morning we are going to consider what it is that is required by God for Him to be willing to enter into our burden and make it "light".