Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 5 Study # 13
January 6, 2008
Lincolnton, N.C.

<404> Thesis: Bless those who curse you. Introduction: The last time we spent our time together looking into Luke's picture of Jesus, we considered Jesus' exhortation to "Do good to those who hate you." We saw that this was simply an explanation of what He meant when He said "Love your enemies". Those who hate you are your enemies and doing good to them is an expression of love. In that study we argued that "Love" is such a huge issue (the Bible says, the infinite God "is love") that it needs a lot of explaining for people to understand what it looks like in real life. Mankind has a massive problem with this concept and often finds itself demanding of "a loving God" what is not "love" at all. So, it is a truth that needs a lot of explanation. We also saw in that study that the most basic problem in understanding "love" is how, with knee-jerk precision and false certainty, people claim to "love" when all the while they are focused only upon themselves and their own benefit. It is fundamentally impossible for anyone who is characteristically a black hole to understand the sun. So it is with "love": no one understands love as long as they are still trying to work things so that their lives will be what they want them to be. The only people who understand love are those who do it. These are not they who claim to love; these are they who actively ignore the losses to themselves that the needs of others require. This morning we are going to go a step further into Jesus' insistence that the Kingdom of God is marked by the selflessness that the Bible calls "Love". We are going to look at what He says about how to respond to people who "curse" us. He says "Bless them", whatever that means. It is our intention this morning to look into that "whatever". What does it mean to "bless those who curse you"?