Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 5 Study # 6
November 4, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<390> Thesis: Refusing to allow need to surface keeps the solution from ever being granted. Introduction: We have been considering Jesus' declarations about the links that exist between the temporal situations of life and the consequent eternal inevitabilities. The Bible is adamant that there is both a temporal down-line consequence to all actions taken and an eternal down-line consequence. It is a fact that, because of the deficiency of wisdom in man, coupled to his corruption at the Love and Faith levels, there is no one who either significantly grasps this adamantine reality or can trace it out from cause to result. However, the words of Jesus were spoken in order that something of an understanding might at least begin to settle into the hearts and minds of men. The problem is that the words of Jesus are so contrary to every man's way of looking at life that the compounded foolishness of fallen man is barely helped by what Jesus said. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God belongs to the poor, but you will seldom, if ever, see anyone seek poverty as a genuine good. Jesus said that those who were hungry would be satisfied, but you seldom, if ever, see anyone push away from the table because hunger is a beneficial reality. Jesus said that those who weep would have the last laugh, but you seldom, if ever, see anyone embracing tears because having the last laugh is to be greatly desired. Jesus said that being significantly mistreated by others for His sake would result in phenomenal heavenly rejoicing, but it is more than typical to see people mistreating others and doing whatever they have to do to keep from being so mistreated. So, the words of Jesus, being designed to impart wisdom and understanding, fall upon mostly deaf ears. For this cause, Jesus turned right around, having declared the Truth in a highly positive way, and declared the same Truth in an enormously negative way. This morning we are going to begin to look into Jesus' "negativism".