Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 4 Study # 1
June 3, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<350> Thesis: Jesus makes disciples out of those who follow Him. Introduction: Every statement of "Truth" has at least two sides to it. There is a "hopeful" side, and there is a "hopeless" side. Because "Truth" is fixated upon "Life", "Life" is going to happen...for somebody. This is the "hopeful" side of "Truth". But, for the same reason, "Death" is going to happen also. This is the "hopeless" side of Truth". The reason for this reality is this: Truth is true, and lies are not. Every time the Truth is believed, "Life" happens; and every time it is rejected, "Death" happens. The paragraph before us this morning sets the stage for our understanding that "Truth" is not optional. Only "Life" and "Death" are "optional". In this paragraph, Jesus "departs from" those who challenged His identity as the "Forgiver of Sins" and engages a tax collector to be one of His disciples. Those from whom He departed He later called "blind guides of the blind" who would "fall into the ditch" (Luke 6:39). They were dead men waiting to enter into the final stage of Death. That one, however, to whom He called came suddenly into "Life" and began a journey that was to eventually lead him to a throne where he will rule over one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the Final Kingdom of the Christ (Matthew 19:28). This morning we are going to take a look at Jesus' summons of Levi.