Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 3 Study # 7
May 27, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<348> Thesis: Jesus deliberately forced His audience to face the possibilities of their future. Introduction: We have spent almost two months considering Luke 5:17-26. For the most part, it is a paragraph that is "past history" for us. It happened 2,000 years ago and the issue involved -- the forgiveness of sins -- is supposedly behind us as those who profess to believe in Jesus Christ. It might seem to some that when we come to something "basic" that is supposedly behind us, we ought not to spend two months focusing upon it. But, there are two sides to this coin. The exposition of the Scriptures involves both a careful look at what God has said and a willingness to pay the price of that care. Human beings are chewed up by a natural arrogance that is demonic and dismissive of God. Let me see if I can illustrate what I mean by telling you about a young lady at BMA camp many years ago who was totally arrogant and equally blind to it... The problem is this: there is almost nothing worthwhile that can be achieved easily. In fact, there is a profound tendency in human beings to be dismissive of everything that comes easily. But enough of my "justifications" for plodding along. This morning we are going to consider Luke's record of what happened to the people who were involved in Jesus' activities and teaching on that day 2,000 years ago.