Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 3 Study # 3
April 29, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<340> Thesis: Faith is only visible when it runs into contrasting opposition. Introduction: So far in our studies of Luke's record of Jesus' formal presentation of His credentials to the "officials of Israel", we have seen that He made His case from both Scripture and Miracle. In the setting, it was Jesus' deliberate establishment of a "prophet like unto Moses" thesis that got the attention of the officials. Then, once they were sufficiently involved that they really could not ignore the "Jesus of Nazareth" phenomenon and His "a greater than Moses has come" thesis, Jesus set His case before them. But, in His presentation of His case, Jesus was unwilling for there to be any outstanding "questions" that were swept under the rug. So, He addressed the issue. This morning we are going to look at His intentional declaration.