Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 2 Study # 4
March 25, 2007
Lincolnton, N.C.

<332> Thesis: Large scale clarity is the main issue when small scale ambiguity is the main problem. Introduction: When we began our study of this part of Luke's record, I made two claims: 1) that the main thesis of the paragraph is "ambiguity"; and 2) that the "connection" between the paragraph and its predecessor is that no one can ever be a disciple who comes at the issue with "qualifications" -- a most fundamental issue for anyone who would be a disciple. This morning I want to look at Jesus' instructions to the leper that He cleansed. I believe that the instructions continue to address the "problem" of "qualified" discipleship which, as I have said multiple times now, is not really discipleship at all. There are actually two theses raised by this paragraph. The first is the ambiguity that everyone faces in respect to the expectations we have of God. The other is the clarity that God provides to all. On the face of it, this seems to be a contradiction of terms: How can there be "clarity" in the face of "ambiguity"? It is this that I want us to consider this morning.