Chapter # 4 Paragraph # 3 Study # 2
October 29, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.

<292> Thesis: The purpose of "authority" is to "enforce" the Unity of the House. Introduction: In Luke 4:32 we are told that the religious people in Capernaum were "amazed" at what Jesus taught. In Mark 3:25 we are told one of the key truths which Jesus taught when "crunch time" came. Mark 3 is the record of the only options available to us when dealing with the question of what we are to believe about Jesus. The "bracket" decision (the one that is put forward both at the beginning and at the end) is that of the "disciples" and of the "true mother and brethren". The "intermediate bracket" decision (the one introduced by His "friends" in 3:21 and then further explained in 3:31-33) is that of the family and close friends. And the "core" decision (the one within both "brackets") is that of the officious (thriving on "authority") religious establishment in 3:22-30. "Crunch time" is that time when a person has to make up his mind. Jesus' statement in Mark 3:25 is that, when "crunch time" comes, one needs to make the decision that has the ability to sustain the "house" rather than the one that will destroy the "house". What Jesus was teaching was "cosmic" -- His "truth" was going to make a very large impact upon the entire creation of God. And, in Luke 4:31-37 we are told that the people were both "astonished" and "amazed" by Jesus' "truth". This morning we are going to attempt to understand this "reaction". To do so, we are going to look into the description of the two "reactions" that our text reveals. One arises within the people in the synagogue and the other arises from a demon in that synagogue. We shall see that the two have their roots in the same soil.