Chapter # 4 Paragraph # 2 Study # 1
July 30, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.

<266> Thesis: God's salvation begins to unfold. Introduction: Up to this point in our consideration of Luke's perspective of Jesus, we have been exposed to preliminary information. All of chapters 1-3 and the first thirteen verses of chapter four were stage-setting information so that we would have a legitimate "context" for the record that begins in 4:14. At this point, Luke actually begins to record what we have been conditioned to call "the ministry of Jesus". This "ministry" has to do with Jesus' impact upon people as He acts and teaches. This "ministry" record is heavily prejudiced for us by Luke's preliminary information in which he sets forth the facts of God's activities prior to the beginning of Jesus' actions and teachings so that we will understand that God has done what He has done in order to get us to understand that Jesus came into our world to be the Central Issue of "Life" for us. The "big" issues are two: He was sent to bring us salvation in terms of redemption; and He was sent in the form of a kinsman so that He could do that. From this point on, the record is of the actions and teachings of Jesus so that we might be able to enter into God's salvation. This is no "Four Spiritual Laws, Pray the Sinner's Prayer" approach to the complicated issue of man being able to experience what it means to be redeemed. Instead, it is an extensive, detailed, presentation of Jesus so that men might come to grips with Him by means of His Truth.