Chapter # 3 Paragraph # 5 Study # 4
May 28, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.

<252> Thesis: The absolute centrality of Jesus is inescapable. Introduction: We live in extremely dangerous days of significant delusion. In 2 Timothy 3, the apostle Paul warned Timothy that "in the latter days, perilous times would come" when the chief characteristic of man would be that he would be a "lover of himself" while retaining a "form of godliness". These days are upon us as we see the explosion of "religious fervor" that is markedly apostate both in "words" and "actions". But Paul also urged Timothy to "continue in the things" which he had "learned" and "had followed". What we learn from this is that there is only one way to keep from being "boiled alive" by the disintegration of godliness in the face of the exponential growth of the mystery of iniquity: we must give heed to the Truth of God as it is revealed in Jesus Christ. As we turn our attention once again to Luke's "Perspective of Jesus", one thing stands out extremely clearly: in Luke 3:21-22 Luke made Jesus the central issue. This morning we are going to give some thought to his words about what happened because Jesus "prayed".