Chapter # 3 Paragraph # 3 Study # 3
April 23, 2006
Lincolnton, N.C.

<242> Thesis: Life as a forgiven person requires a continuous input of omniscience-based Truth. Introduction: We have spent a great deal of time looking into Luke's presentation of the ministry of John, the forerunner of the Christ. This morning we come to the final direct statement that Luke made regarding John. He said, in Luke 3:18, that John "preached the Gospel" to the people with "many other exhortations". As we attempt to follow Luke's train of thought this morning, I am impressed with his commitment to making sure that Theophilus understood just how critical regular exposure to the Truth is to every believer. This seems to be Luke's "final" point in his record concerning John. So, in some ways, our study this morning is going to take the form of a "reminder" to the people of God to not allow anything to come between them and God.