Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 4 Study # 7
October 30, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<199> Thesis: How are we to handle our ignorance? Introduction: It is clear from our studies in Luke 2:40-52 that two things are true: Jesus is the Redeemer from God; and redemption is no small thing. In our study last week we saw that Luke was focused, in this paragraph, upon the issue of the absolute necessity for wisdom in a creation in which there is a major, malignant distortion of Truth. We saw that this necessity rests upon every participant in this creation that has any interest whatsoever in "living". And we saw that Luke's focus was upon Jesus as the "wise One", not upon those He came to redeem. This focus is crucial because there is no hope of redemption from a stupid redeemer. The pitfalls of ignorance and stupidity are many and exceedingly dangerous. If the entire world can be plunged into a type of "condition" that has the inevitable result of the death of more than 3 billion persons in less than seven years of earth history by the most simple act of plucking a fruit from a tree and taking a bite, what is the nature of the dangers that surround us? This morning we are going to take one last look at Luke's paragraph about Jesus' wisdom. In this look we are going to raise this question: How are we to handle our ignorance?