Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 4 Study # 6
October 23, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<197> Thesis: Jesus is the Only solution to the complexity of Life. Introduction: In our studies to date in the paragraph before us this morning we have seen that Luke is deliberately revealing the core issues involved in Jesus' qualifications as The Salvation of God. Simeon exulted with the claim, "I am ready to die now because my eyes have seen Thy Salvation!" At the very center of that core is Jesus' very deliberate exaltation of His Father and His Father's "things" to the highest level of His priority list. We have called this "the loyalty factor". Without it, sin and disaster reign unto death. By it, righteousness and blessing reign unto life. Last week we pondered the problems of the soul's ties to "family" and the fact that Jesus was not the only One Who has been summoned to supreme loyalty. It can hardly be an accident that when God set out to order the flow of human history through a covenant He intended to make with Abraham, His second command was, "Leave your family". This morning we are set to feast upon the truths contained in Luke's revelation of Jesus' astounding wisdom. We are told by him that after a three-day search, Joseph and Mary found Jesus in a profound theological discussion with the teachers of the Temple that simply blew them away who witnessed the interaction. His point is beyond obvious: Jesus was incredibly astute. Some of his other points may not be quite as obvious. For that reason, we are going to ask the question this morning: why is it necessary for us to understand how profound was the understanding of Jesus?