Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 3 Study # 4
May 15, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<155> Thesis: The "presentation" of Jesus as the Firstborn is a huge umbrella concept that directly addresses the problem of uncleanness at its root: rebellion. Introduction: We have been looking at Luke's presentation of the "presentation" of Jesus to Yahweh in Jerusalem. We have seen that "Jesus" is being presented by Luke as the Person in the midst of the Justice/Mercy conundrum so that we might understand His identity as the Savior Who brings "great joy". We have also seen that Luke is "focused" upon these twin issues: Justice is highlighted by the "uncleanness" that requires "purification". Mercy is highlighted by the "provision" for that "purification". We have seen that the root of "uncleanness" is disobedience out of rebellion. And we have seen that the root of "purification" is obedience out of faith. And, finally, we have seen that Jesus is the Only basis for any real purification because His obedience out of faith is the only obedience that is both real and complete. In the attempt to bring understanding to men, God entered into a massive program of "physical-realm illustration" that included the entire sacrificial system and the "Law" to enforce it, but it is a huge mistake to think that the "illustrations" can actually effect the reality. Man is NOT purified by the sacrifice of two birds. Rather, he is purified by the faith that God's real provision was so far above and beyond "two birds" that He actually addressed the Justice/Mercy conundrum. This morning we are going to continue our pursuit of Luke's "presentation" by looking specifically at the "presentation" of Jesus in Jerusalem. What we want to try to understand is the divine rationale for the entire "dedication of the firstborn male" concept.