Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 3 Study # 3
May 8, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<153> Thesis: The "Problem" that required a "Savior" is man's extreme depravity. Introduction: In our study last week, we did a "large overview" of the "setting" of Luke's message about Jesus. We saw that "the Law of Moses" presents us with a Creator Who has absolute ownership of His works and with a creation which has rebelled against that ownership. We also saw that the problem that this rebellion created for God was what I have humanly called a "tension" in the character of God in which Justice required judgment and Mercy called for redemption. And we saw that it is Luke's intention to present Jesus, Mary's Son, as God's provision for both Justice and Mercy. In an earlier study, we saw that Luke deliberately placed the "Name" between the two issues of "circumcision" and "conception" as a way to "position" Jesus between the issues of Justice as revealed in the Law and the issues of Mercy as revealed by the fulfillment of the Promise. It ought to be apparent to any who read 2:22-24 that Luke's interest in these verses is "legal" because three times in the three verses he refers to the "Law"; once as the Law of Moses and twice afterwards as the Law of the Lord. From this fact, I am going to draw this conclusion: Luke has decided to zero in on the issues related to "circumcision" as a summary term for "law", which, itself, is a summary term for the issues involved in the Justice of God. He apparently believes that it is fundamentally crucial for a person who wishes to develop into a "friend of God" (a "theophile") to understand clearly what the issues are in the relationship. Part of that understanding is the truth contained in "Law" and how "Jesus" addresses that truth. Thus, this morning, on Mother's Day, we are going to look into the actions of a "mother", who took her baby to the Temple to present Him to the Lord because the Law required it, so that we may see a bit more clearly Who her baby is.