Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 3 Study # 1
April 24, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<149> Thesis: The name, "Jesus", is the one-word theological summary of all divine revelation. Introduction: This morning we are going to begin a study of Luke 2:21-39. It is a continuation of Luke's presentation of his perspective of Jesus as the Servant-Mirror of Yahweh. His effort began with a very deliberate parallelism between the birth of "John" and the birth of "Jesus". This is easily seen by reading Luke 1-2, and it is highlighted by 1:80 and 2:40. Interestingly, a major part of this parallelism is the focus upon the event recorded in 2:21; the "naming" of the Son of David on the day He was circumcised. The precursor to 2:21 was 1:59-66. In that text, there is a very significant "argument" about the identity-tag of Elizabeth's son. By contrast, there is a one-verse statement in 2:21 that could easily be dismissed for its brevity. But, this morning we are not going to "dismiss" the text. We are going to look into it. We are going to consider the connections that exist in the text. They are two: 1) the "connection" between the 8th day circumcision and the "Name"; and 2) the "connection" between the "pre-conception insistence of the angel" and the "Name". To see what Luke is telling us, we are going to look at the "Name" and then we are going to look at the "connections".