Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 1 Study # 5
January 16, 2005
Lincolnton, N.C.

<125> Thesis: The background of Messiah must be understood, but so also must the distinction be understood -- so that He is a genuine "Savior". Introduction: As we saw last week, Luke deliberately focused upon Joseph, as a son of Bethlehem, in his record to Theophilus. By so doing, he pulled up the primary issues of two questions: what kind of "life" is most critical? and what kind of "bread" has the power to sustain that life? This is what I am going to call "background building". Luke was powerfully interested in Theophilus' comprehension of the crucial issues involved in "faith in Jesus". This morning we are going to do some more investigating into both the "background building" and the more critical issue that we must take to heart if Jesus is really going to be to us a "Savior". Our focus of attention this morning will be upon Joseph and Mary as the two primary players in the Bethlehem-birth of Jesus. We shall consider why Luke put Joseph into the "family" of David and why he referred to Mary as "her that had been espoused to him".