Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 5 Study # 1
July 18, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<077> Thesis: When God magnifies His mercy, it is time to rejoice. Introduction: We begin a consideration of a new paragraph in Luke's perspective of Jesus this morning. We have seen Luke put individual words together into sentences that became paragraphs that took on the form of a two-fold presentation of "pregnancy announcements" made by the angel Gabriel to two women who lived 2,000 years ago. These announcements were followed by their fulfillments, and both women became pregnant. Who would have ever dreamed that Elizabeth and Mary were going to take a place on the stage of God's history that turned out to be so critical and crucial in the plan of God for a Kingdom of Righteousness? Mary had it right when she said that the dream had begun thousands of years before when God revealed His plan to return man to Eden...just as He spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and his seed. But, before she quit, she added "eis ton aiona", which is translated literally "unto the age", and is rendered in our Bibles "forever". This morning I want to draw out a reality that is all around us, but is often overlooked, that is connected to both the phrase "eis ton aiona" and to Luke's fifth paragraph; this record of the birth of John.