Chapter # 1  Paragraph # 4  Study # 7
May 9, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<070> Thesis:  Focusing upon the Lord and exulting in His "assignment" are absolutely fundamental to our spiritual health and that of those around us who have to deal with the way we act. Introduction:  In our last couple of studies we considered two things.  First, we considered how God's dealings with Mary had caused her to take on a more consistent focus upon the Lord as the Sovereign of her life-circumstances.  In effect, her soul had taken up a magnifying glass and put it upon the Lord so that her vision centered on Him as the events of her life flowed past her eyes.  We connected what happened to her to Psalm 16:8 where the psalmist says that the stability that exists in his life comes from "setting the Lord always before him". Then, we considered how Mary's "spirit" experienced a spike of high joy when she realized that God was going to make her the woman through whom He was going to fulfill all of His promises.  There is something about the spirit of man that God created that is focused upon the twin issues of "being" important and "doing" something important. This morning we want to pick up at this point in the text and consider what Luke would have his readers to understand from his record of Mary's spiritual progress and high joy.