Chapter # 1 Paragraph # 3 Study # 7
February 1, 2004
Lincolnton, N.C.

<047> Thesis: The King is a Servant. Introduction: In our study last week we looked into the necessity that "Jesus" have two fathers. We saw that sonship exists on more than one level, but that Jesus was a "son" to two different "fathers" at every level. The reason for this is that Jesus had to be the son of David because He had to be a partaker of flesh and blood in order to be able to offer a legitimate sacrifice for man's sin [Hebrews 2:14 & 17]. On the other hand, the death of a mere man for men would have boiled down to efficacy for only one man [the constraints of Justice disallow one man for many], so Jesus had to be the "Son of the Most High" in order for the death that He died to be efficacious for multitudes of men. This morning, we are going to look again at Gabriel's description of Jesus from another perspective. He told Mary that her son would be the Davidic King Who would rule over the House of Jacob forever. Then, he repeated himself and said that His kingdom would have no end. Somehow I get the feeling that Gabriel wanted Mary to know that her son's kingdom would be an on-going reality without any future termination point. The question I have for us to think about this morning is this: why did God want Mary to think of her Son in terms of His identity as the Davidic King when there would be no expression of this identity in all of His life on this earth as long as Mary lived? What is the point of telling Mary that her Son is going to be someone that she will not see even a glimmer of in her lifetime? In fact, we might even say that Gabriel's words "set Mary up for profound confusion" because her expectations, derived from those words, were to be denied all of her lifetime. What is this?