Study # 2
September 7, 2003
Lincolnton, N.C.

Thesis: Believers can have many faulty views of prayer, but one thing that stands out about prayer is that it has a place of primary importance in the accomplishment of what God seeks (not the details of experience, but the experience of life in the details). Introduction: In our study last week we considered the question of how two godly people dealt with the outer appearances of divine failure in both their personal and national life. It is clear from the text that they did not use God's so-called "failure" as a reason to depart from personal loyalty as so many people do. They pursued a life of active righteousness. It is also clear from the text that, though they did not completely escape the pressure, they did not succumb to the outward appearance of things. Everything they saw was a testament to the failure of God to fulfill His Word, but they did not operate by what they saw. Some call this "blind loyalty to an impotent deity", but that is the narrow, time-restricted foolishness of selfish people. Every relationship that is worth anything at all has a loyalty factor built into it and where there is no loyalty, there is no relationship. And, loyalty does not fail just because of a temporal appearance of failure on the part of one of the participants in the relationship. This morning we are going to continue our study of Luke's words to Theophilus as we dip into the Truth that sponsored the record of Zacharias' offering of incense to the Lord.