This continuation of the angel's explanation to Zacharias focuses upon the impact of "John's" arrival. The father will have joy and gladness and many others will rejoice. Luke's Focus: Luke's Theology: Luke's Point: When the desire (whatever its driving core) is fulfilled, abundance of joy will be the result. Salient Facts: "Joy" apparently was not the characteristic of Zacharias' demeanor -- the promise of joy is typically only significant to folks who lack it to some significant degree. The combining of "joy" with "gladness" and "rejoicing" indicates that there is a thesis here of what "life" ought to be like -- joyful. The chief question is this: how is "joy" held out to people who live in a grief-filled world? The bottom line on that question is "perception" -- what is it that makes people "grieve" and why is that so? Major Question: What is/are the link(s) between fear, joy, and "John"?