Study # 79
April 7, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: The responsibility of the elders is to do three things very carefully: Introduction: Last week we began our look at James' final exhortations regarding how we are to respond to our circumstances. We considered the problem of "disappointment" as a matter for real prayer. We considered the blessing of "being merry" as a matter for truthful singing. And we began to consider the problem of illness. In respect to the matter of illness, we noted several things. First, that it is the responsibility of the ill to determine whether/when they need the ministry of the elders of the church. Second, that the issue with which James is primarily concerned is the problem of distance in the relationship between the ill and the Lord as evidenced by the despairing attitude referred to in verse 15. Illness is not a legitimate basis for being despairing, but it is often used for that. Third, that James is not addressing all manner of illnesses, but only those illness situations that have brought the individual to despair. Now, this evening, we want to consider the responsibilities of the elders when they are called.