Study # 74
March 3, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: As believers, we must commit to the faithful practice of submissive prayer and await the coming of the Lord. Introduction: Last week we looked a second time at James' warning to the wealthy. We have noted over and over that James' intent was to deflect the believers from a course of the pursuit of wealth to a course of submissive servanthood. His intent was NOT to generate a generation of doormats who can be used and abused by those who are willing to be unjust, but his intent WAS to produce the highest placement in joy in the eternal kingdom that is surely coming. Sometimes the two are linked--joy then (in eternity) requiring a doormat style now (in time). But there are clearly some limits that are hinted at in several ways. For instance, the apostle Paul did not hesitate to refuse the perverters of justice to manipulate until they could kill him. A second reality is that there has been at least one culture set up along the line of no resistance--and it has killed all initiative altogether...a thing clearly contrary to the Word of God. And, there is the biblical teaching that requires believers to at least reject the unjust behavior of their own kind through the process of church discipline. So, there is a need for us to understand what it is that James is addressing in 5:7-8 as he works off of the thesis in 5:6 that the righteous man does not resist the wicked wealthy. What are the perameters and the costs?