Study # 71
February 10, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: There is a significant evil involved in making plans that do not arise from submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Introduction: Last week we looked at the last part of James' treatment of the problem of hedonism. It had to do with the way disgruntled people use their tongues to get even with people who have blocked their plans. James pointedly commanded us to refrain from speaking slanderously of our fellow-believer. The thought behind that exhortation--that believers would be subject to the temptation to speak slanderously of anyone who was involved in blocking their goals and the plans they had made to achieve them--leads naturally to the next thought-unit, for in it James challenges any plans that have not arisen out of prayerful submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ. This evening we are going to consider James' exhortation to those whose relationship to Jesus Christ is focused around selfish objectives.