Study # 70
February 3, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: James' final exhortation regarding the pursuit of lusts at others' expense has to do with the attempt to make oneself "look good" at another's expense. Introduction: Last week we looked at James' call for serious repentance in the issue of pressing for the satisfaction of internal lusts at the expense of others. It goes without saying that the person who is unwilling to let go of his/her lusts will let such exhortation fly right through--in one ear and out another. There is no real hope for such a person unless the circumstances of God's dealings with him/her bring them to a clear understanding of the disaster they are bringing upon themselves and they actually come to the point that they are willing to stop pressing for their own will in the matters. However, there is another possible way of responding to James' instruction: grudgingly giving in--and then getting even by character assassination. This evening we are going to deal with that action-option as James brings it up.