Study # 68
January 20, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: What IS the content of the promise that God will "draw near to you"? Introduction: Last week we looked into the admonition to resist the devil. We saw that the devil's chief method is the generation of multiple illusions and the reinforcement of those illusions over time so that they become a part of the educational system of the culture. We also saw that the chief methodology of resistance was the one Jesus used: proclamation of the true content of the Word of God as final truth that is to be adhered to. Temptation is always lust-driven and grace is always available to resist. The obvious requirement of resistance is that we be in the process of building our understanding of the Word of God. We are under a whole series of divine mandates to have our minds filled with the Word of God, and the failure of obedience at this level simply opens the flood gates of illusion-land. There is a deeper problem, however, than temptation. There is a deeper problem than the devil and his illusions. The deeper problem is the distance we keep between us and God. We are changed from glory to glory as we behold His glory...and we remain unchanged when the glory fades by reason of the distance we keep. James addresses this problem next. He writes, "Draw near to God...and He will draw near to you." What does he mean?