Study # 67
January 13, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Resistance to the devil is fundamentally reduced to simply affirming your confidence in the truth of revelation. Introduction: Last week we spent most of our time on the first part of James 4:7, looking into the issues of submission to God. We noted that volitional choice is involved in submission to God, but it is not the powerhouse that it is often made out to be. The critical issue of submission is the love/faith commitment to the renunciation of our own rights and wisdom. This evening we are going to look at the other side of the coin. There is a cosmic conflict over "wills" and "perspectives" and "loyalties". Submission to God has a correlative requirement of "un-subjection" to the devil. So we are going to look at James' command to resist the devil. There are three issues involved: the "deception" of the slanderer; the requirement of resistance; and the promise of effectiveness.