Study # 66
January 6, 1999
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Victory over internal lusts is only finally possible when the conflict is seen and responded to in the light of the greater cosmic conflict. Introduction: Internal conflicts are a part of the way we are currently made. We have inner drivers that compete for our loyalty and submission. We cannot escape the reality of those kinds of conflicts. However, we CAN reduce both their power and length of presence by faith in the grace of God. In our last two studies we have seen that we have an inner, fallen, spirit that is primarily driven to jealousy. We have also seen that, in light of that fact, God has extended greater grace. We also saw, last week, that we must have a balanced confidence in both realities--not denying or denigrating the fact of the lustfulness of the spirit in us, but also not denying or denigrating the reality of the greater grace. James' point is that we can win the war of loyalty. This evening we are going to look at the war of loyalty in its most critical terms as James casts the issue as a matter of choice between God and the devil.