Study # 62
December 2, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Since the mechanism that is most destructive of life is conflict, we need to be sure that we understand how to deal with it. Introduction: Last week we began our study of the third major area of temptation: the problems of hedonism, or the problems that are generated in the lives of those whose physical appetites dominate them. This evening, it is our intention to pursue that study. James puts a lot of weight upon the influence of our physical desires. In fact, he claims that, if not all, certainly a great majority, of the strife in our lives is caused by physical appetites. That is a pretty significant claim, and if it were not in the Word of God, I would be inclined to disbelieve it. I tend to look on the more superficial causes of conflict, but the Word of God is pretty bold and plain in its statement that conflict arises because of internal hedonism. In fact, when we analyze the conflicts we get into very carefully, and compare our analysis to what modern medical research has discovered, we might find ourselves agreeing more and more with James' statement.