Study # 56
October 14, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Motives for ministry can be absolutely horrible. Introduction: One of the most unfortunate facts of human existence is that man's perversity is so great that he thinks nothing of subverting even the most sacred realities for his own satisfaction. Paul wrote, in Romans 1, that mankind was of the kind of character that it would take the glory of God and subvert it into the glory of created things. James knew that this was a universal problem of such magnitude that only a select few would escape the temptation to succumb to this subversion. Because he knew this, he also knew that one of the primary areas where this subversion would inevitably surface would be the realm of the human leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ. He KNEW that there would be many, many professing believers who would seek ministry positions for reasons other than loyalty to Jesus Christ and to His Father. He KNEW that ministry positions are positions of visible status--and that there would be many who would attempt to satisfy their lust for status by seeking to be somebody in the Church. This evening we are going to look into the sick reality of the very real possibility that many of the so-called teachers of the visible Church are motivated by corrupt motives.