Study # 50
August 19, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: The tongue has an enormous potential, both for good and evil. Introduction: In our study last week we set forth James' understanding of God's standard of judgment, by which He will judge every man--whether at the Judgment Seat of Christ, or at the Judgment of the Great White Throne. We saw that that standard is His requirement that man be verbally aligned with the truth, not just at the sound level of speech, but at the heart level as the root of speech. James introduced the reality of judgment as the inevitable destiny of all men, and the reality of significantly greater liability for those men who obtain (by grant or by grasp) the ability to influence others by way of their speech. The business of our use of our tongues is a serious business, but the use of our tongues to influence the Church is an even more serious business. This evening we want to look further into James' words in order to see how he viewed the tongue as a metaphor for our use of speech.