Study # 43
July 1, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Can a profession of faith that is not works-productive be effective to salvation? Introduction: As we move into the latter half of James' presentation of the solution to the temptation to turn to monetary acquisition for security, we see that he makes an absolute (non-negotiable) demand for a linkage between faith and what it sponsors. This extended text is one of the most hotly debated texts in theological circles when the issue of salvation's method comes up. Are we saved by faith alone, or are we saved by faith plus works? However, before we can even get into the debate, we have to understand James' words correctly. What is it that he was actually saying? Therefore, this evening we are going to begin to look carefully at what James wrote in order to understand what he meant. Then we will consider whether he was actually in contradiction to Paul's Gospel of salvation by faith without works.