Study # 42
June 24, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: What does judgment by the Law of Liberty look like? Introduction: Last week we considered the problem of the power of delusion. We noted that believers who think that God tolerates some of their rebellions against His agenda because of their involvement in other aspects of His agenda are self-deceived. God is not satisfied with, nor does He tolerate, anything less than complete submission to the imperative of love, based upon the reality of love. Now, obviously, there is a problem here, given the fact that James himself admits that we all stumble in many ways--particularly in our speech. In what way does God exercise a perfect intolerance and a merciful tolerance at the same time? The answer, in a nutshell, is that He makes a distinction between what He knows we know and what He knows we are in ignorance about. This evening we are going to crack the nutshell and see if we can unwrap what is in it.