Study # 39
June 3, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: The wealthy are described as satanically driven in opposition to EVERYTHING Christians hold dear. Introduction: Last week we took a general survey over the New Testament to see the general tenor of God's attitude toward the poor. We saw that it is impossible to ever become a mature believer as long as we cling to the notion that our quality of life is connected, in any way, to the number, or amount, of possessions we control. We drew an analogy between the Gospel's requirement that men come to the understanding that salvation is by grace through faith ALONE and the Gospel's requirement that men seek life from God ALONE. This is best understood if we maintain the analogy. Just as 'works' spring from the concept of "faith alone", so also do 'possessions' spring from dependence upon "God alone". God does not typically sustain our quality of life apart from the provisions He gives, but He insists that we never attach any final significance to those provisions as the roots of life. This evening we want to look into the three consequences that develop in the lives of those who reject the concept of life out of God alone.