Study # 29
March 25, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: The only solution to the problems brought on by temptation and failure is to return to the attitude of humility before the Word. Introduction: So far in our studies of James we have seen that he has confronted the perennial problem of the believer's willingness to be self-indulgent and then engage in a self-pity party when his life blows up in his face. We get this overall impression from two things in the text: 1) his immediate plunge into the reality of serious difficulties and its clearly beneficial impact (1:2-12); and 2) his demand that we relate to God as perfect in love and motivation and to ourselves as significantly committed to selfish interests. This evening we are going to look into both of these issues again as they surface in 1:19. We are going to see that life is only effectively lived when we get a grip on the absolute necessity of being avid students of the Word of God who are willing to accept what He says without resistance.