Study # 28
March 18, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: God's sovereign actions prove His goodness toward us. Introduction: We have been looking into the question of the goodness of God. It is only at this point that we are really vulnerable to temptation. We are only really susceptible to temptation to DO contrary to the will of God when we doubt the goodness of His restrictions; and we are only susceptible to REFUSE TO DO when we doubt the goodness of His commands. Thus, our susceptibility is in the realm of the divine motivation and wisdom. So far in our study we have seen that the real problem of motive is IN US. God has no lack and He never tempts man to act out of his lack to solve his problems. And we have seen that God's actions show the wisdom of His instructions. God has given out of His immutable goodness as the source of LIGHT as illumination and insight. He gives provision (every good gift) and mature insight (every completed gift) as measured by the immutable God. This evening we are going to look into the actions of God as they pertain to our final participation in His goodness.