Study # 27
March 11, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: God's wisdom is absolutely trustworthy. Introduction: Last week we noted that James called for a cessation of the recurring drift from the path. We said that people only leave off following the path because of two issues: 1) Suspicion of ulterior and hurtful motives; and 2) Suspicion of foolishness of instruction (the failure of wisdom). In 1:13-15, the issue of the divine motives was addressed and it was revealed that the dangerous motives are in US and not in Him. Now, in 1:17-18, the issue of divine wisdom is addressed and it is revealed that it is rock solid to our benefit. This evening we want to try to understand James' words regarding the trustworthiness of divine wisdom. To do this we are going to FIRST address the character of the Father of the Lights, then we shall look into the actions He takes in our behalf.