Study # 21
January 28, 1998
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Maximized eternal joy is promised to those whose character has been most fully developed in respect to the particular issue of relational harmony with God (a minimum of resistence, complaint, anger toward, and ingratitude). Introduction: So far in our study of James 1:12 we have seen that blessedness has to do with being in a post-action condition of being in line for a reward that cannot be rescinded. Last week, in order to more fully understand what this requires, we delved into the question of how we come to be in such a post-action condition, given the human problem of 'boasting' in order to exalt oneself above others, and the theological doctrine of glory by grace. Our answer was theological: post-action conditions of reward require that the action be a faith-act, motivated and empowered by God's Spirit and informed by God's Word so that the individual is involved in the process, but can take no credit for the successful achievement of the process. Instead, he glorifies God with gratitude for what He has accomplished in his regard. This evening we want to consider the nature of, and conditions for the reception of, the crown of life.