Study # 7
October 8, 1997
Harlingen, Texas

Thesis: Having seen that eternity hangs upon our decisions, we need to understand the nature of temptations/trials. Introduction: Last week we looked into the abundance of James' references to our future experience beyond resurrection in order to help us understand what James meant when he said 'Consider all joy'. The term 'consider' is always used in contexts of decision making in the New Testament, and the grammatical structure of the phrase 'all joy' points us beyond the present to the future promised experience of undiluted joy. A parallel text is 1 Peter 1:3-9 where it is the clear-eyed consideration of the future that enables the believer to endure the present with more than a teeth-gritting, short-tempered tolerance. James is calling for a careful and thoughtful consideration of the future when dealing with the present. This evening we want to spend some time examining the present difficulty. What does it mean to be tempted or tried? and what are the implications of the reference to various trials?