Chapter # 6 Paragraph # 1 Study # 1
August 25, 2013
Dayton, Texas
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<287> Thesis: Addressing the "faults" of other believers. Introduction: As we begin our study of the final chapter of Paul's letter to the Galatians, we are immediately made aware of one of the duties of a "brother": addressing the failures of other "brothers". This is a rather abrupt change of subject for the apostle, but it reveals the basis for the letter he wrote to the Galatians. He clearly felt compelled by the Galatians' departure from the God of grace to write, and this new paragraph before us expresses the basis for his compulsion. The Galatians needed someone to take on a very difficult task: the attempt to bring them back to a healthy relationship with God. In the present time, this instruction is widely ignored by Christians. There are two basic reasons: the failure of love in the face of fear; and the complexity of the instruction in the face of the condition of "Christendom" in our current setting. This evening we are going to at least begin to consider what Paul was instructing and whether, or not, the current complexity actually erases the applicability of the instruction to us.