Chapter # 5 Paragraph # 4 Study # 1
April 14, 2013
Dayton, Texas
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<255> Thesis: The crux of "living" is the methodology to which we are committed by faith. Introduction: In our studies of the section that begins in 5:1, we have seen that Paul's initial focus is upon what I am going to call the "static" reality of the freedom that justification brings to us: absolute freedom from "Justice". However, this "static" reality was never Paul's eventual goal. He registered his concern as early as 3:3 where he raised the issue of the letter: the exercise of legitimate faith. Galatians falls into its place in the canon of the New Testament as his teaching on "the basic methodology" of "Life". Thus, from the beginning Paul was driving to the issues of the last two chapters of the letter: how to turn the "static" reality of God's grant of a decree of righteousness into a "dynamic" reality of the experience of God's "Life" through the gift of His own Spirit as the means to this dynamic experience. Therefore, as we turn our attention to Paul's doctrine as expressed in 5:16 and following, we want to keep in mind that with "freedom" as the foundation and "love" as the goal, we are setting out to attempt to understand how to let the Spirit of Jesus make the Life of Jesus visible through our physical bodies.