Chapter # 4 Paragraph # 4 Study # 2
October 28, 2012
Dayton, Texas
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<217> Thesis: The message of "Law" is set in the specific context of "freedom" and "bondage". Introduction: In our study last week, we looked into the question Paul raised in the final paragraph of the second unit of Galatians. The question has to do with whether or not the Galatians really understand the message of "Law" in particular respect to their "desire" to be subject to it. We saw that "desire" is a rather complicated concept in that we live in a constant state of multiple desires, many of which are in direct conflict with each other. And we saw that there are only two basic reasons for wishing to be "under law". One of those reasons is the "desire" to please God. The other is the "desire" to exalt oneself over others. Thus the reality is that the "desire" to be "under law" is a "servant desire" to the larger "desire" to be able to do something other than submit to Law. This evening we are going to press on into Paul's final paragraph on this subject. We are going to do so with the understanding that his question, " ye not hear the Law?", is the basic framework for the paragraph and that its point is that "law" has a "message" that needs to be heard.