Chapter # 3 Paragraph # 2 Study # 10
February 19, 2012
Dayton, Texas
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<153> Thesis: The impact of the "blessing of Abraham" is always going to, eventually, boil down to the love/faith realities in those to whom it (He) has been given. Introduction: In our last study, we attempted to establish that the attribute of "unity" in God is the reason we have a redeemer. God created a unity in the human race that was a mirror of His own, and He recreates that unity in the redeemed at the point of faith. We are as much "one" with Christ as we were with Adam with this difference: in the first Adam, we were totally passive in respect to what came upon us; in the Last Adam, we possess in respect to what we love and believe. This evening we are going to look a bit further into Paul's claims regarding the impact of Christ's behavior as the Redeemer Who became a curse for us. He claims that Christ's action had a specific intention driving it. Our quest is to attempt to understand just what we can "expect" in respect to that intention.