Chapter # 2 Paragraph # 2 Study # 17
October 9, 2011
Dayton, Texas
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<123> Thesis: The problem with legalism is its destruction of the truth of God's Love. Introduction: As we have said over and over in our studies of Paul's words to Cephas, the bottom line is the issue of how men are to be motivated to aggressively pursue godliness. Without the active practice of godliness there can be no righteousness, no peace, and no joy; and, without those three, there can be no Kingdom of God. And, since the Kingdom of God has been the end of everything from the beginning, there is no greater issue in the universe than the question of how created personalities are properly motivated to practice its principles. On this basis, we see Paul, at the very end of his argument with Cephas, going for "the throat". If he cannot kill the doctrines and practice of Cephas and those in Jerusalem, there is no hope for mankind. And what is his "kill" doctrine? The death of the Christ as the highest expression of the grace of the God Who is Love. Because of its potency, it is no accident that the death of the Christ has been the main target of all of the adversaries for all of history since that death occurred in an undeniable form in the time and space of man's existence.